Growing up as a native to Southern California, i've always been fortunate to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and endless Pacific coastlines. Photography quickly became a passion of mine after high school when I realized how effortless it paired with traveling and seeking gratitude outdoors. I realized in 2010, that even with an iPhone 4 camera, I found joy in slowing down and challenging my perspective to find landscape compositions.

Fast forward to 2018, I was managing a Men's Warehouse in Santa Barbara, CA. I was really beginning to digest the shortcomings and lack of purpose I was feeling working in retail management. I knew the life I was striving for did not require I wear a size 40R Slim Italian wool suit. It was a slow day, so in my down time I would edit one of the many landscape photos taken on my iPhone 6.. but was fed up with my mobile editing process. That day on my lunch break, I finally decided to run down State Street to Sammy's Camera and pull the trigger on my first professional camera, a Sony A7iii. I was eager to figure out a way to pivot and seek fulfillment by leaning all the way in on my passions and creative visions.

I got to work immediately by demoting myself from my management position to create the time and financial pressure to focus and get this thing off the ground. Looking back, that probably wasn't the smartest move, but I was fortunate to be surrounded by a handful of close friends and very talented creative entrepreneurs that excelled my learning curve of not only getting comfortable behind camera, but learning a much needed infrastructure to help scale this business. I am eternally grateful for my network.

New York City photography

My love and passion for creating began with landscape photography. Capturing moments outdoors allowed me to be present in so many places I hold close to me. It's what opened the door to begin working with my first clients that took a liking to my earlier work and wanted to see themselves in my photos.

Shortly before leaving retail suit sales, I sold a custom suit to a very nice couple in my store for their wedding. All three of us enjoyed ourselves and connected so effortlessly during that process that even with no wedding experience, I thought it was appropriate to pitch myself as their wedding photographer. They ended up booking me a month later for my very first wedding ever.. a destination wedding in Punta Cana, D.R. on Valentines Day 2020. That milestone moment was when I knew it was time to move on and launch into this career.

Since taking on photography full-time in 2020, i've had the pleasure of building countless relationships with families, loving couples, business owners, marketing and sports agencies & adventurers alike. This passion has given me a voice to express myself and help tell stories for myself and others. I love discussing unique visions with all my clients and fellow creators and work to bring ideas to life. There is nothing I will not photograph, i'm just honored I get to create, preserve & share moments with others for a living!

I appreciate you stopping by and taking a liking to my work :)

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