Celebrating Love. Preserving Memories.


From surprise sunrise proposals,

to planned romantic sessions,

I love joining couples at this milestone moment to capture the spark of emotions and discover the unique essence of their love behind camera.

The best starting point leading up to your big day!


I love to tell stories through my visuals. I get so excited to capture all the unexpected emotions of your wedding day with artful composition and cinematic vision. Your wedding day is filled with so many wonderful moments, vibrant colors and candid joy! I want to make sure that every detail is preserved forever.


These are some of my favorite sessions simply because I love feeding off the organic energy families share with each other. My goal is to not only capture perfectly planned portraits, but also a handful of lovable candid moments that capture the true essence of your whole family.



Growing up native to Southern California, I have always been fortunate to enjoy the outdoors and the endless Pacific coastlines in Ventura, Ca. Photography became a passion of mine shortly after high school, when I realized how effortless it paired with being active, challenging my perspective and seeking gratitude outdoors.

It was 2018, I was managing a Men's Warehouse in Santa Barbara, CA when I finally decided to walk down State Street to Sammy's Camera on my lunch break and pull the trigger on my first professional camera, a Sony A7iii. I was starting to really digest the shortcomings and lack of purpose I was feeling working in retail management. I knew the life I was striving for did not require me wearing a size 40R Slim Italian wool suit.

I was eager to figure out a way to pivot and seek fulfillment by leaning all the way in on my passions and creative visions.

I got to work immediately by demoting myself from my job to create the time and financial pressure to get this career started. With the support of so many, I began to find ways to get out of my comfort zone and get cozy behind the camera.

My love and passion for creating began with landscape photography. Capturing moments outdoors allowed me to be present and enjoy so many places that I hold close to me, near and far. It's what opened the door to begin working with so many clients that took a liking to my earlier work and wanted to see themselves in my photos.

Since taking on photography full-time in 2020, i've built countless relationships with families, loving couples, business owners, models, hospitality, marketing & sports agencies & adventurers alike. I love discussing unique visions with all my clients and fellow creators and work to bring ideas to life. There is nothing I will not photograph, i'm just honored I get to create, preserve & share moments with others for a living!

I appreciate you stopping by and taking a liking to my work :)

We had the best time as evidence by my big grin in the photos. You helped us have a lot of fun and feel comfortable!

- Addie R.