Jeremy Dixon is a professional photographer who got his “official” start in 2006 as a wedding and portrait photographer though he has been behind a camera for most of his life in one form or another. Jeremy spent four years attending to the special days of brides in the Omaha-metro area before changing course in 2010 to his true love, fine art photography which a specific focus on landscape and nature.


Jeremy creates images using the highest quality equipment from Nikon. Jeremy uses Nikon camera bodies exclusively and a mix of professional lenses from Nikon, Zeiss, Sigma, and Tamron. Having a well framed shot is only part of Jeremy’s goals, the shot must also be technically well-executed. As such, he can be associated often with the “Group f/64” artistic movement which looks for concise framing and sharp execution of photos. However, as the artist’s mind wanders photos will occasionally align more with other artist movements. The overall end goal is to produce the best quality photos so that they may be turned into high quality photographic prints.