What I’m Working On…

It’s an odd time of year right now. On one hand I have a ton of stuff to do for the website! On the other hand, it’s Spring, the weather is nice, and I want to spend every waking moment outside shooting! Here’s a list of things I am currently working.

  • Write-ups for various trips including Chicago, Hawaii, Sandhill Cranes, and Arkansas 2012
  • Lens thoughts and reviews for Zeiss 50mm Makro-Planar, Zeiss 21mm f/2.8, and all three Nikon PC-E lenses
  • Equipment thoughts and reviews for Nikon D800 body and it’s wonderful 36 megapixel sensor
  • Online store! I’m still evaluating options here but hope to implement something soon.

Oh and if I get the spare time [hah] I’d like to start compiling “pro tips” together in the Techniques section covering both items I feel would be useful to other photographers and photo-enthusiasts as well as questions I get via email. If there is anything you would like to see covered or even items from my Equipment page that you would like to see reviewed, drop me a line!

It’s a busy time so check back regularly for updates!

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